natives; obviously such▓ notoriously weak and helpless beings as whi●te men could not endure its hardship●s.There w

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orous protest against th●is proposition.The only reply to our▓ outburst was the assertion of the hea▓d man that we should stay whe▓ther we liked it or not.As


the ni●ght was well advanced, we feigne▓d capitulation and made ready to retire.The vil●lage chief lighted us into one o▓f the small rooms of his dwelling ●and left us to turn in on the bamboo floor. ▓ Had we anticipated any great difficulty i▓n esc

aping in the morning it would have be▓en a simple matter to have t▓aken Fr

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ench leave during the night.Bo▓lts and bars were unknown in Msawt▓, and even had our door been fa▓stened, it would have needed only a● few kicks at the flimsy w


alls of our chamber● to make an exit where we cho▓se.We had no desire to lose a ni●ght’s rest, however, and fell asle●ep with the conviction that the hea▓d man would not be as energetic in execut●ing his order as in giving it. ● Nor was he.While the mists s▓till hovered over Msawt, we packed our● “swag” and entered the counci●l chamber in marching array.● The chief was already astir, but the ●only effort he made to thwart us wa▓s to shout somewhat meekly when we stepped out i▓nto the dripping dawn. At the eastern end▓ of the town began a faint suggestion▓ of a path, but it soon faded away and we ▓pushed and tore our way thr

ough the jungle, gui●ded only by the pocket compass.The ▓militant vegetation wrought hav●oc to our rags and cut and gashed us from● brow to 424ankles; the perspirat▓ion ran in stinging streams along● our lacerated skins and dripped from our● faces.Though we fought the undergrow▓th tooth and nail it is doubt▓ful if we advanced two miles an hour.▓ The sun was high when we came upon the firs▓t evidence that man had passed th●at way before—a clearing not over ▓six feet square, in the center of● which was a slimy pool and a few r▓ecently-cut joints of ba

mboo.With these ▓we drank our fill of the tep●id water and had thrown ours

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elves dow▓n in the shade when we were s▓tartled to our feet by the sound of huma●n voices.The anticipation of ▓an attack by murderous dacoits● turned quickly to that of a ●forcible return to Msawt, as there burst into ▓the clearing a squad of soldi▓ers. There were seven in the party, a● sergeant and four privates, armed ●



with muskets, and two coolie carriers●, each bowed under the weight of t●wo baskets slung on a bamboo pole.After the▓ first gasp of astonishment the so●ldiers sprang for the bamboo cups besid●e the waterhole, while the servants knelt d●own to set their burdens on the gr▓ass.The fear that the troopers had been se●nt to

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